Municipal Social Welfare & Development Officer

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Family and Community Welfare Program Site evaluation/ocular survey and inspection
Technical Engineering Services Conduct Responsible Parenthood Service (RPS) to couples
at different barangays Conduct Parent Effectiveness Services (PES) to couples/parents
Train volunteers for community volunteer resource development
Conduct Marriage Counseling Services (MCS) to couples/parents
Conduct counseling to families on role performance and relationship
Conduct family-community advocacy for the prevention and treatment of number of sexual abuse
Conduct Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities
Women Welfare Program Organize women group
Conduct maternal and child care sessions to women
Train women on self-enhancement skills and community skills development
Child and Youth Welfare Survey/serve pre-school children (0-6) in Day Care Center
Conduct monthly meeting to DCW
Conduct monthly meeting to Municipal Day Care Workers Federation
Supervise Day Care WorkersReactivate Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC)
Organize a Pag-asa Youth Association
Conduct Yearly Alay-Lakad
Provide community based service to Child Abuse Youth at Home for Girls, Palayan City
Assist child abuse casesConduct modules for Caregivers on Basic
Bio-Psychosocial for Children in Need of Special Protection
Emergency Assistance Programe a) Aid to Individual in Crisis Situation (AICS)
b) Assist Individual/Families for Medical Assistance through Social Case Study
Report and Referral letter to different government hospitals
c) Survey and provide relief goods to victims of calamities
d) Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA)
e) Burial Assistance
Core Shelter Assistance Program Assess/recommend families for Core Shelter Assistance
Practical Skills Development Conduct Practical Skills Training on Food Processing to:
Family Heads
Program for Disabled Survey disabled persons
Conduct information dissemination on disability prevention
Livelihood Development Service Self Employment Assistance (SEA)
Follow-up/conduct visit to SEA clients/ projects to different barangays
Assist Disabled Family Heads Elderly applicants in the preparation of livelihood project proposals
Provision of Capital Assistance to Disabled Family Heads and Elderly
Collect and remit SEA recovery