Municipal Budget Officer

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Responsible for rendering technical assistance / services
to the Municipal and Barangay Government Unit with regards to budgetary matters
Preparation of Barangay Budget Forms for 40 barangays and SK`s of this municipality
Preparation of Quarterly Advice of Allotments for each function/office department
Records of Appropriation, Allotments and Expenditures of the LGU
Certification of existence of appropriations (ALOBS) for
specific object of expenditures of the LGU
Projection of estimated income and estimated expenditures with other LFC members for the purpose of budgeting
Consolidation of Budget Proposals of different office/department of the LGU
Preparation of Annual Budget FY 2005
Preparations of Supplemental Budget CY 2004

Provision of technical assistance to barangay treasurers, chairmen, and SK`s of 40 barangays of the municipality regarding budgeting matters.

Assist the DBM in conducting seminars to barangay officials regarding
the implementation of RA 9184 otherwise known as the government procurement law, and other matters concerning barangay LGUs
Review of barangay budgets (40) and make recommendations to the SB for their final review.

Review of SK Budgets (39) and make final approval thereof.
Provision of assistance to the LCE during budget hearings/meetings

Participation in biddings, opening of canvass, pre-qualification of bidders, as vice chairman of the Bids and Awards Committee/member of BAC-TWG
Preparation of Annual Accomplishment Report

Preparation of Periodic Reports to Department of Budget & Management

Consolidation of Annual Procurement Plans of each
office/department as basis for the Quarterly Release of Allotment