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INDEPENDENCE DAY - June 12, 2014. In commemorating the 116th Philippines Independence Day the Local Government Unit of Maria Aurora joined the nationwide celebration in Flag Raising Ceremony attended by Veterans, Elected Officials and employes together with some Peoples Organizations. A simple program followed immediately that includes message from the Local Chief Executive Hon. AMADO M. GENETA. According to him everyone should really consider of looking back and gratefully acknowledge the heroes who gave their life for our freedom, as he quotes "Damhin natin ang tunay na diwa at espiritu ng kalayaan hatid ng ating mga bayani". The head of Veterans Maria Aurora Chapter Mr. Gregorio Minda gave his message and expressing gratefulness to all for regularly celebrating this important day. A message was also delivered by Vice-Mayor Ariel S. Bitong expressing the important role of the heroes of our nation. (photo by: leoncd)

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