Administrative Officer IV

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Administrative and Personnel Issuance/Preparation/Facilitations of the following:
Service Records
Certify Leave Applications
Certify Leave Credits of Employees
Report on Personnel Matters
Meetings, Seminar & Workshops
Transmitted (radio message)
Received (radio message)
Supply Management Issuance of Memorandum Receipts to accountable officials and employees receiving equipments
Keep records of all government properties and equipments
Conduct Inspection
Check on transfer of equipment between municipal department and unit
Permit and Licensing Field inspection and tax campaign to 40 barangays
Issuance of forms of business permits and licenses
Issuance of application forms of MTOP (new and renewal)
Issuance of certifications
Issuance of clearance
Sending of demand letters to delinquent business operators



Municipal Planning & Development Coordinator

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities

Formulation of Development Plan & Policies for consideration of LDC
Integration and coordination of all sectoral plans & studies undertaken by the different functions groups or agencies
Preparation of Comprehensive Plans & other development documents for consideration of LDC
Coordination of various programs for the preparation of Municipal Plans and Budget, AIP & LDIP
Preparation and Issuance of Clearances / Certificates
Act as Secretariat to Technical Working Committee on Revenue
Code Revision Facilitate the implementation of SPES
Coordination to government agencies and other functional groups
Preparation of Communication
Budget/Training/Project Proposals preparation
Preparation of reports
Municipal Livelihood Program

Conduct continuing studies, researches and training programs
Monitoring & evaluation of different development projects
Promotion of people participation in development planning within the LGU concerned
Facilitate/Conduct Trainings
Budget/Training/Project Proposals preparation
Monitoring & development projects
Facilitate/Conduct Meetings
Clean and Green Program
Submits periodic report on the programs and projects being implemented
Participation in the monitoring & evaluation of Clean & Green
Program to various schools and barangays

Maintenance of series of files following a definite and
procedural filing plan including file headings and directions
for classification of materials to be filed.
Records keeping on time and attendance or other personal records
Performing variety of basic clerical duties in fulfilling the
particular objectives of the office.
Dealing with the public in giving basic information such as
date, appointment and meeting. Collects outgoing correspondence
Records Filing
Budget/Training/Project Proposals
Plans & Programs
Infrastructure Implementation Document & other Secretariat:
NGO’s / PO’s Documents
Other & Foreign Assisted Programs Documents
Preparation of documents
Minutes of Meetings
Annual Accomplishment Report
Preparation/Filing of documents
Clean & Green Program



Municipal Budget Officer

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Responsible for rendering technical assistance / services
to the Municipal and Barangay Government Unit with regards to budgetary matters
Preparation of Barangay Budget Forms for 40 barangays and SK`s of this municipality
Preparation of Quarterly Advice of Allotments for each function/office department
Records of Appropriation, Allotments and Expenditures of the LGU
Certification of existence of appropriations (ALOBS) for
specific object of expenditures of the LGU
Projection of estimated income and estimated expenditures with other LFC members for the purpose of budgeting
Consolidation of Budget Proposals of different office/department of the LGU
Preparation of Annual Budget FY 2005
Preparations of Supplemental Budget CY 2004

Provision of technical assistance to barangay treasurers, chairmen, and SK`s of 40 barangays of the municipality regarding budgeting matters.

Assist the DBM in conducting seminars to barangay officials regarding
the implementation of RA 9184 otherwise known as the government procurement law, and other matters concerning barangay LGUs
Review of barangay budgets (40) and make recommendations to the SB for their final review.

Review of SK Budgets (39) and make final approval thereof.
Provision of assistance to the LCE during budget hearings/meetings

Participation in biddings, opening of canvass, pre-qualification of bidders, as vice chairman of the Bids and Awards Committee/member of BAC-TWG
Preparation of Annual Accomplishment Report

Preparation of Periodic Reports to Department of Budget & Management

Consolidation of Annual Procurement Plans of each
office/department as basis for the Quarterly Release of Allotment



Municipal Assessor

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Assessment/Reassessment/Tax Mapping Field / ocular inspection
Preparation of Field Appraisal & Assessment Sheets (FAAS) & other assessment records
Typing of tax declarations
Approval of tax declarations
Cancellation of previous TD`s and indexing
Forwarding of Real Property Tax
Order of Payment to MTO
Records Management Issuance of certified copies of TD`s
Issuance of certifications relative to assessment
Posting & maintenance of Real Property
Ownership Cards
General Revision Preparation of FAAS
Computation of MV & AV
Checking and review
Typing of TD`s
Assessment Roll & TMCR
Preparation & Sending of Notice of Assessment and Reassessment
Forwarding of RPTOP`s to MTO
Updating of index cards
Cancellation of old TD`s



Municipal Agriculturist

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Provide Technical Assistance Crops: Rice
IPM Vegetables: Legumes
Fruit Vegetables
Leafy Vegetables
Root Crops: Camote, Ubi, Gabi, Cassava, Peanut
Spices: Hot pepper / Bell pepper, Ginger
Corn Fruits: Coffee, Banana, Lanzones,
Rambutan, Citrus, Pineapple , Papaya

Livestock Development Swine Dispersal
Cattle Dispersal
Animal Treated (Swine)
Fishery Development Fishery Production
Special Projects Broiler Production
Sari-Sari Store
Hog Fattening
DA-LGU Fertilizer Loaning Scheme 2002
Fertilizer Loan Released
Tractor Operation
Nursery Development
SRA (Trust National Fund)
Fishery Loan
Vegetable Loaning Scheme
Ginintuang Masaganang Ani Rice Program (50-50 scheme)
DA-LGU One Million Counter parting Program (Fruit Tree Based
Agro-forestry Development Program)
Rambutan, Lychee, Durian
Farming Systems Development Program Sweet Potato, Corn, Tomato, and Peanut production
Loaning Scheme
Nursery Development Constructed greenhouse for vegetables
Constructed shed for cut flowers
Constructed Potting shedConstructed shed for seedlings
Installation of water system (potable and Irrigation)
Installation of electrical system
Purchased assorted ornamental and cut flowers plants
Procured nursery tools and equipment
Small Water Impounding Program Construction of SWIP
Post Harvest Facilities
STW Thresher
Hand Tractor



Municipal Health Officer

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Promotion, Prevention, Rehabilitation and Maintenance
of Health condition of every individual, family and community
Maternal and Child Health
Pregnant with 3 or more prenatal visits
Pregnant immunized with Tetanus Toxoid 2+
Pregnant given complete iron dosage
Post-partum with at least 1 PP visit
PP mothers given complete iron dosage
PP mothers initiated breastfeeding
Lactating mothers given VAC
Women 15-49 years old given iodized salt

Infants immunized with:
Fully Immunized Children: 9 - 11 months,12 months and above
Control of Communicable Disease
Diarrhea cases given ORESOL(0-49 mos)
Pneumonia cases seen (0-59 mos)
Pneumonia cases treated (0-59 mos)
TB Symptomatics with 3 sputum examination
New Sputum + cases initiated treatment
X-Ray positive cases initiated treatment
New Leprosy case diagnosed
Animal bite cases seenNon-Communicable Disease Control
Hypertension High Normal
Stage I (Mild)
Stage II (Moderate)
Stage III (Severe)
Stage IV (Very Severe)
Cancer Patient awareness & taught on importance of breast self examination
Breast examination done by health worker
Patients identified to have breast mass
Family Planning New Acceptor (Condom, DMPA, IUD, LAM, Pills)
Continuing Users (Condom, DMPA, IUD, LAM, Pills, BTL, Vasectomy)
Health Education
Individual Counseling
Bench Conferences
Patients awareness on different health programs
Group Health Teaching (Mother`s Class)
Community Awareness on different health program
Operation Timbang:
NORMAL MILD Underweight
MODERATELY Underweight
SEVERELY Underweight
Balik Patak Kontra Polio
Pre-schoolers protected against Polio
Garantisadong Pambata Activity(April 2002)
Children 12-59 mos. Given Vitamin A Capsule
Children (2-5 years) given deworming tablet
AP given ferrous 804
Toothbrush given to 3-5 years old
Garantisadong Pambata Activity(October 2002)
Children 12-59 mos. Given Vitamin A Capsule
Children (2-5 years) given deworming tablet
AP given ferrous 804
Salt sample testing (bakeries, school canteen, carinderias, sari-sari stores)
Laboratory Services
Sputum Examination
Malaria Examination
Urinalysis or Urine Analysis
Fecal Analysis Blood Typing
Other Activities
Pre-schoolers provided curative dental treatment
Schoolers provided preventive dental treatment
Schoolers provided curative dental treatment
Pregnant mothers provided preventive treatment
Other adults provided curative treatment
Pregnant mothers provided curative treatment



Municipal Accountant

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Accounting and Internal Control To install and maintain an internal audit
in the municipality and 40 barangays
To review supporting documents before preparation of vouchers
to determine completeness of requirements
To prepare statements of cash advances, liquidation
salaries, allowances, reimbursement, remittances
pertaining to the Local Government Unit

To prepare statements of journal vouchers and liquidation of
the same and other adjustment related thereto.
To post individual disbursement to the subsidiary ledger.

To maintain individual ledger for official and employees of the
Local Government Unit pertaining to payrolls and deductions.

To record and post details of purchased furniture`s fixtures
and equipment including disposal thereto.
To prepare Financial report pertaining to the Municipality
and of 40 barangays.



Municipal Engineer

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Pre-engineering Services Site evaluation/ocular survey and inspection
Technical Engineering Services Drafting, reviewing, checking and recommendation of engineering plans>br> Preparation, reviewing, checking and recommendation of detailed Cost Estimates
Project Documentation for Implementation Preparations of PR`s, ALOBS, Canvass forms, Bid Proposals,
Summary of Canvass/Bids, Committee on Awards,
Purchase Orders, Inspection Reports and Disbursement Vouchers
Project Implementation / Construction Project monitoring, supervision and evaluation of on-going projects
Project Documentation for Projects Acceptance Preparation and certifying Certificate of Completion/Acceptance
Preparation of Labor Payroll / DTR`s
Coordination with other agencies:
Assistance to PBAC
Clean and Green Program
Technical evaluation of Pre-C documents and bidding documents

Participation in the monitoring & evaluation of Clean & Green
Program to various schools and barangays
Coordination with other agencies Re. Infrastructure Projects Follow up release of fund for SWIP
Follow up release of fund for CSMT
Follow up release of fund for BSWM
Preparation & submission of Progress Billing of Trust Funds
Assessment of Private Infrastructure Projects Issuance of Notice of Violation
Assessment of Building Fees
Issuance of Building Permit
Issuance of Electrical Permit
Submission of copies of approved building
Permit to NSO
Certificate of Non-issuance



Municipal Civil Registrar

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Registration of documents received daily on births, deaths and marriages
Issuance of copies of documents on file (Certified true
copy/Certifications) on births, deaths and marriages

Recording of registered documents on births, deaths and marriages

Preparation of documents for submission to National Statistics
Office (NSO), of applicants for traveling abroad like the following:
Certified true copy of birth
Certification of birth
Endorsement letter
Receives application for marriage license

Coding of civil registry documents received

Indexing of documents on fileFiling of all documents received for the year

Received and file all legal instruments received Mobile
registration to different barangays

Facilitate symposia on civil registration

Implementing rules and regulations of Republic Act 9048
(Correction of Clerical Error and Change of First Name)



Municipal Social Welfare & Development Officer

FUNCTIONS Programs/Projects/Activities
Family and Community Welfare Program Site evaluation/ocular survey and inspection
Technical Engineering Services Conduct Responsible Parenthood Service (RPS) to couples
at different barangays Conduct Parent Effectiveness Services (PES) to couples/parents
Train volunteers for community volunteer resource development
Conduct Marriage Counseling Services (MCS) to couples/parents
Conduct counseling to families on role performance and relationship
Conduct family-community advocacy for the prevention and treatment of number of sexual abuse
Conduct Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities
Women Welfare Program Organize women group
Conduct maternal and child care sessions to women
Train women on self-enhancement skills and community skills development
Child and Youth Welfare Survey/serve pre-school children (0-6) in Day Care Center
Conduct monthly meeting to DCW
Conduct monthly meeting to Municipal Day Care Workers Federation
Supervise Day Care WorkersReactivate Council for the Protection of Children (BCPC)
Organize a Pag-asa Youth Association
Conduct Yearly Alay-Lakad
Provide community based service to Child Abuse Youth at Home for Girls, Palayan City
Assist child abuse casesConduct modules for Caregivers on Basic
Bio-Psychosocial for Children in Need of Special Protection
Emergency Assistance Programe a) Aid to Individual in Crisis Situation (AICS)
b) Assist Individual/Families for Medical Assistance through Social Case Study
Report and Referral letter to different government hospitals
c) Survey and provide relief goods to victims of calamities
d) Emergency Shelter Assistance (ESA)
e) Burial Assistance
Core Shelter Assistance Program Assess/recommend families for Core Shelter Assistance
Practical Skills Development Conduct Practical Skills Training on Food Processing to:
Family Heads
Program for Disabled Survey disabled persons
Conduct information dissemination on disability prevention
Livelihood Development Service Self Employment Assistance (SEA)
Follow-up/conduct visit to SEA clients/ projects to different barangays
Assist Disabled Family Heads Elderly applicants in the preparation of livelihood project proposals
Provision of Capital Assistance to Disabled Family Heads and Elderly
Collect and remit SEA recovery


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